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Fame: a Blessing or a curse?
At some point in their lives most people have daydreamed about joys of being famous. One must wonder however, if being famous is an achievement or a curse.
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 320, 2/04/2004, Mokamas
Fascinating Lisbon
Lisbon, one of the oldest capitals in Europe, is situated on the west coast of Portugal. Its rich history, colourful traditions and more modern attractions make it a fascinating city.
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 274, 22/06/2004, Mokamas
10 things you need to know about fashion 1. Update in small doses. Not sure the urban gypsy look is you? Try a peasant blouse with jeans or tailored pants. Head-to-trendy looks ridiculous. 2. If you think you are too old to wear something (and you're not Madonna, Demi or Cher ) then you probably are. When your gut feeling tells you that a trend is too young for you, you'll never really feel comfortable in it. 3. Don't be afraid to dress out of your age group. Go with how fashion makes you feel about yourself. If you feel great in a mini and you're 55, then go for it. If you prefer pantsuits and you're 22, then wear 'em........ (APIMTIS 7 PSL)
referatas, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 29, 15/04/2005, Mokamas
Fashion. Fashion history. Styles and Images.
The structure of course paper: Introduction. Report: 1 Styles. 2 Images. Conclusion. Supplement. Literature. >> Gavau 9.5 jis buvo panaudotas per anglu egzamina. Klaidu niekur nerado. Labai patiko, nes sis referatas skirtas kas raso referata butent apie stiliu ir ivaizdi tai paliginimai, skirtumai, netgi parodyta stilius koks jis smulkiai aprasyti stiliai ir ivaizdis. (APIMTIS 14 PSL)
referatas, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 27, 28/01/2007, Mokamas
Fast food restaurants and personal eating habits
Humans’ organism proceeding depends on eating habits. Food is very important point. People who can sort out the food and eat only healthy meat they live happier and longer. But our world gets not in the right direction. Fast-food is getting popular nowadays. And the food prepared at home takes lower place. (APIMTIS 240 ZD)
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 56, 12/02/2008, Mokamas
Feng shui
Konspektas anglu kalbėjimui apie Feng Shui. Gali buti panaudotas ir kaip rašinys. >> At first, what is Feng-shui. Translated to English it means water and wind. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment.....(APIMTIS 1 PSL)
konspektas, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 2, 18/03/2007, Mokamas
Filmo "Step up 2" recenzija
Rewiew of "Step up 2” It's the musical drama of 16-year-old street dancer Andie West, who was taken in by her mother's best friend Sarah, after her mother died. Since West often skips school and spends too much time as member of the notorious dance crew 410, Sarah wants her to go living with her aunt in Texas. (APIMTIS 290 ZD)
Recenzija, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 73, 21/04/2008, Mokamas
About fire.
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 328, 1/04/2004, Mokamas
Fire Fighting, techniques used to extinguish fires and limit the damage caused by them. Fire fighting consists of removing one or more of the three elements essential to combustion—fuel, heat, and oxygen—or of interrupting the combustion chain reaction. The Roman emperor Augustus is credited with instituting a corps of fire-fighting watchmen in 24 hOURS. Regulations for checking and preventing fires were developed.
referatas, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 2, 1/05/2005, Mokamas
First and last Paragraph Techniques
First and last Paragraph Techniques.
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 527, 2/04/2004, Mokamas
The 1998 floods in Bangladesh. The 2002 flood in Czech Republic. Geografijos esė Anglu kalba. Apie potvynį Bangladeše ir Čekijoje. Papasakota, kaip susidaro potvyniai ir kokiu metu laiku, aprašytos žalos kurias sukėlė potvynis ir kaip jos buvo išspręstos. (APIMTIS 3 PSL)
esė, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 29, 5/12/2007, Mokamas
Lithuania’s flora is rich and varied, because of its geographical position and climatic peculiarities, but we can’t boast that it’s peculiarity alone. We have typical northern plants such as conifers, deciduous trees. Forests cover one fourth of its territory. 3 centuries ago, they were twice as extensive....(APIMTIS 230 ZD)
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 3, 10/03/2008, Mokamas
Flora and fauna (global warming)
In my opinion one of the biggest problems in earth is Global Warming. The factories and electricity plants create a smog witch stays over the ground and doesn’t let the hot air to pass through it. Scientists generally agree that the Earth’s surface has warmed by about 1 Celsius in the past 140 years....(APIMTIS 210 ZD)
topic, Anglų kalba, 3.00 (1), 25, 16/10/2006, Mokamas
Flora and Fauna dialogas
mazdaug 2 min dialogas anglu pamokom. 11 kl kursas is topicu. Dialogo kalba apie zveris ir apie aplinka (pvz kas geriau dirbtinis kailis ar ne nu ir dar kelios problemos)
topic, Anglų kalba, 1.00 (1), 98, 23/10/2006, Nemokama
Flora and Fauna in Lithuania
Lithuania is a very beautiful country. It is very rich with many plants and animals. But of course we must save what we have. The most beautiful part of nature is our thick forests. They cover 27,9% our all territory. (APIMTIS 2PSL)
topic, Anglų kalba, 8.33 (3), 1694, 1/04/2004, Mokamas
Food and drink in Britain
Britain and good food are two things which are not commonly associated. Visitors to Britain agree that food in this country is terrible. One of the reasons is that British tastes are different from everybody else’s, furthermore, theirs food has very little taste at all. For example, vegetables are always overcooked. Another reason is that most visitors to Britain eat in variety small, cheap restaurants and cafes and don’t get home cooking.
1 psl.
rašinys, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 7, 22/01/2008, Mokamas
Food, Clothes, True story
I like food, so i need it. I like different meal, because I?m man and I must change menu every day. Italian kitchen is my favourite! I never say "no", if somebody suggests for me a pizza or spaggeti. Often i go to pizzeria and buy big pizza with ham, cheese and ketchup. (APIMTIS 1PSL)
topic, Anglų kalba, 5.00 (3), 1210, 8/11/2004, Mokamas
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