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My native town (1 and 2)
I live in Lithuania. In town that is called Kaunas. Kaunas is second city in Lithuania. Kaunas is almost exactly in the center of Lithuania. It is highlighted by the valleys of the Nemunas and the Neris - two longest rivers in Lithuania.
topic, Anglų kalba, 8.00 (1), 1188, 31/03/2004, Mokamas
My native town Kaunas
Tikrai puikus Kauno, kaip gimtojo miesto aprasymas. Kaunas is the second biggest city in Lithuania. It was founded in the 12th century and it is my native town. I was born here and I still live here. Kaunas is situated in the centre of Lithuania, at the confluence of the two biggest rivers the Nemunas and the Neris.
rašinys, Anglų kalba, 5.00 (1), 51, 6/04/2006, Mokamas
My Native Town Klaipėda
An essay about Klaipėda.
topic, Anglų kalba, 2.00 (1), 719, 3/09/2004, Mokamas
My native town Pakruojis
I want to present my native town. It is in the North of Lithuania. Pakruojis district is bordering with Latvia. Pakruojis is very nice town, where people are pleasant and lovely. The population in Pakruojis town is about 31 500. In the arm of Pakruojis we can see the main elements of Pakruojis culture: the arched bridge and the wind mill. There are a lot of wind mills in our region, because a wind mill is the symbol of agriculture........(APIMTIS 1 PSL)
rašinys, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 7, 5/03/2007, Mokamas
My summer
Summer is a good time for outings and rest. It’s a specially beautiful and warm season – the sun is shining, birds are singing, everything is green. Every summer my friends and I go to the beach in Palanga. Usually we go in June during the Feast of St. John. Last summer we went with 12 people. I was with my boyfriend. We went on 5 cars. In my luggage I had several things, which are necessary on a sandy beach. I took some suntan lotion, a swimsuit and a towel. Also I took some clothes, slip-on shoes and other things...(APIMTIS 380 ZD)
rašinys, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 35, 1/04/2007, Mokamas
My working day
On weekdays the alarm clock rings at half past six and wakes me up. My working day begins. I am not an early riser, that's why it's very difficult for me to get out of bed. I open the window, make my bed and switch on the radio or the tape recorder.
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 821, 2/04/2004, Mokamas
National parks of Lithuania
Aprasyti keli Lietuvos nacionaliai parkai...Dzukijos, Aukstaitijos, Kursiu nerijos, Traku, Kernaves nacionaliniai parkai. Didele dalis informacijos kuo tie parkai ypatingi, ka saugo... Here agricultural activities are controlled by the agencies of environment protection. They are suitable for recreation at any time of year, especially in summer and autumn, when one hears a rustle of the forest, a babble of crystal clear streams, when wild berries ripen and wild mushrooms raise their caps. Winter offers ski tracks, ice fishing or hunting. In many parks a visitor will discover mysterious mounds and sacred forests from heathen times.
referatas, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 28, 17/02/2005, Mokamas
New York City
New York City isn't the capital of USA and it isn't the capital of New York State, but residents of the "Big Apple" considering their city the capital of the globe.
topic, Anglų kalba, 1.50 (2), 740, 1/04/2004, Mokamas
New York statue of Liberty
In New York is the statue of Liberty. The huge statue of women is holding tablet in left hand and torch in right hand. There are seven points of her crown represent the seven oceans and continents of world.
topic, Anglų kalba, 5.50 (2), 275, 6/04/2004, Mokamas
News Reports
It is written in an impersonal formal style, aiming to catch the readers attention. It gives only accurate facts.
konspektas, Anglų kalba, 1.00 (2), 405, 6/04/2004, Mokamas
Newspapers & Magazines
Newspapers & magazines play a big role in mass media. They are really significant in every person’s life & it’s one of the most important sources of getting information. Of course, there’s a great variety of them, but first of all, they are printed or on the internet. As I’m quite interested in what’s happening around the world it’s normal I’m reading newspapers & magazines.... (APIMTIS 340 ZD)
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 24, 8/05/2007, Mokamas
Nidos istorija
NIda History Grobstas Horn for the first time was mentioned in 1366. There is a suggestion that it was the very first settlement on the Spit. Locations named Noyken or Noyden were described in the Teutonic chronicles in 385. Though it sounds like Nida, this hypothesis was rejected recently. True facts about Nida appeared in 1429 and 1437, when the Nida Inn was mentioned. The village was located not far from the sea, about 2-km south from present Nida. The innkeeper received privileges from the Magdeburg Rights in 1529. The innkeeper and 18 fishermen families, 3 part-time fishermen and one lodger family lived in Nida in 1541. And then sand attacks started.
rašinys, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 46, 13/03/2006, Nemokama
Norht Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
March 29, 2004 its the date that has significantly marked the history of Lithuania. Its a day, when our country became the member of NATO- North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Even though some people are sceptic about the membership, most of the citizens are joyful. Politicians are presenting greeting speeches, festal ceremonies are being held and the name of Lithuania is appearing in the media around the world.
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 857, 25/04/2004, Mokamas
Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland has an attractive landscape and a generous range of amenities that include lakes, sandy beaches and country parks teeming with wildlife. Its a region with hospitable, friendly, warm, outdoor people. Vibrant and with a passion for life, you will find many of them having fun splashing in the sea or on a familytrek up a mountain most weekends.
referatas, Anglų kalba, 9.00 (2), 473, 30/05/2004, Mokamas
Norway and Scotland
Norway, Nor. Norge,officially Kingdom of Norway, constitutional monarchy (1994 pop. 4,347,695), 125,181 sq mi (324,219 sq km), N Europe, occupying the western part of the Scandinavian peninsula. Scotland is the northern part of Great Britain, bordering to the south on England. Scotland consists of a mainland area plus several island groups, including the Shetland, Orkney, and the Hebrides, divided into the Inner Hebrides and Outer Hebrides.
topic, Anglų kalba, 3.00 (1), 314, 30/10/2004, Mokamas
Olympic Games
The Olympic Games have a very long history. They began in 777 BC in Greece and took place every four years for nearly twelve centuries at Olimpia.
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 891, 1/04/2004, Mokamas
Optical Pyrometry
Designed to operate in the hottest of engines, Rotadatas continuing programme of Pyrometer development and high-speed digital transfer technology ensures rapid and accurate capture of radiance from the surface of gas turbine blades during engine operation.
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 91, 6/04/2004, Mokamas
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