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Sport and health
Health is the most important thing in a person’s life. It is the biggest personal property. Every person should think more about his health...On the whole sports is your better life.
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topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 14, 7/01/2009, Mokamas
Sports In My Life
I was eight years old and in my third year of Little League baseball. At the team practice, my coach announced that two new players would be joining our team. I couldn't wait to see who they would be since they couldn't be worse than the team I was on.
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 1823, 1/04/2004, Mokamas
Story about accident after football match
It was a hot summer day and the football ball between Lithuania and Scotland was just finished. Lithuania had lost and my mood was quite bad. I was walking to my car and then I saw that some boys were crashing cars. They seem to be sad of Lithuania?s loss. They were all drunk I was scared, because it was quite dark and I was alone. (APIMTIS 0.7PSL)
topic, Anglų kalba, 9.00 (1), 394, 30/10/2004, Mokamas
Stuying English at school and at university
Nowadays it is truly important to be an educated person. One of the best ways to broaden one‘s outlook and widen the mentality is to learn as many languages as a human can. There is no doubt that English is one of the most popular languages in the world and people learn it in various methods. They can attend school at the age of 6–19 and later learners can start studying, for instance, at university. However, studying English at school is not completely the same as studying it at university.
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rašinys, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 0, 28/05/2009, Mokamas
Summary of key points
Summary of key points
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 365, 1/04/2004, Mokamas
Summer holidays
In the introduction, summer is the warmest and nicest time of the year. It is the time for the holidays, rest as well as relaxation. In summer time people pick up their luggage and travel to discover new senses, adventures to the other counties. There are two sorts of holidays: active and passive. Firstly, energetic people choose active holidays, because they can not lie and tan by the sea leisurely. They are searching for new adventures.
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rašinys, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 41, 5/10/2008, Mokamas
Taking Risks
All people take risks every day and often they dont even know about it. Risk is a chance or possibility of something bad or dangerous happening. Some occupations are more risky, others less. For example, industrialists and managers take risks every day, because they can loose their money and get into debt any time. However, they can even live in poverty all their lives, if they loose companies that they run.
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 225, 6/11/2004, Mokamas
Technological advancement
Moving towards the 21st century, technological advancement has become a focus of today's society. Technology has entered the lives of even the poorest members of society, and it is very rare to find anyone who does not have some form of modern technology, such as TV or food processor, in their home. (APIMTIS 212 ZD)
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 1297, 3/04/2004, Mokamas
Terrorism has always been a serious issue, but the days when it involved small-scale bombing and assassinations could be over. The future of terrorism is far more alarming. Tipas: Topic Įdėjimo į puslapį data: 2004.02.10
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 867, 29/03/2004, Mokamas
Our world is developing and changes very fast. With the creation of good things, vices appear. And the new fear of today is terrorism. Terrorism as a form of violence is as old as recorded history, and has been used to intimidate governments and strike fear into societies all over the world. Throughout the 20th century, from Northern Ireland to the Middle East, terrorist organizations have used acts of violence to focus attention on their causes and to pressure governments to give in to their demands while governments themselves have used terrorism to maintain their power.
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 996, 25/04/2004, Mokamas
The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Small Car
At some point in their lives most people have considered about having a car and it has become a focus of todays society. They are likely to use an own vehicle in spite of driving in public transport. To tell the truth more and more people are keen on buying small cars. I assume it has a lot of positive qualities while at the same time much can be said against them.
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 536, 6/04/2004, Mokamas
The advantages and disadvantages of being rich and famous
A lot of people believe that celebrities have a wonderful life with no problems. But is being rich and famous not so easy? The main advantage is that famous people are rich so they have an easier life than other people. They live in beautiful houses maintained by servants. Furthermore, they are invited to the best parties and meet other celebrities. (APIMTIS 190 ZD)
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 15, 9/01/2008, Mokamas
The advantages and disadvantages of being rich and famous
The question of whether it is right that rich and famous people have a wonderful life with no worries and problems is one that has been under discussion for some time now. After all, this can have both advantages and disadvantages..... (APIMTIS 360 ZD)
rašinys, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 39, 25/01/2008, Mokamas
The advantages and disadvantages of cycling as a means of transport
Cycling is one of different kinds of transport. Many bodies regard cycling as a leisure activity, not as a means of transport. Others sometimes regard cyclists as a nuisance rather than potential customers. Is it safe, is it quick? What role does it play in our life?
topic, Anglų kalba, 8.50 (2), 850, 9/07/2004, Mokamas
The advantages and disadvantages of living in a block of flats
Since I can remember, I have always lived in a flat. I think it has many advantages but it has a lot disadvantages too. First of all, you do not have to worry about a flat when you leave because you have many neighbours who will always look after it. (APIMTIS 248 ZD)
topic, Anglų kalba, 4.00 (1), 36, 3/02/2008, Mokamas
The advantages and disadvantages of owning a car
Nowadays peoples can’t imagine their life without a car, including me too. Car is a really good convenience. But unfortunately owning a car has some negative aspects. So I’m going to talk about owning a car advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, owning a car is advantageous for many reasons.
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namų darbas, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 2, 6/10/2010, Mokamas
The Adventures of Sherlock Holme
A Case of Identity. The Red-Headed League. The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet. The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle. The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb. The Adventure of the Red Circle. The Adventure of the Speckled Band. The Boscombe Valley Mystery. The Five Orange Pips.
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 377, 31/03/2004, Mokamas
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