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Anglų kalbos rašinys apie kauną
už darbą gavau 10... seip cia buo klaidų, taciau jos visos istaisytos.... galiu pasakyti tiek kad darbas skirtas tiems kurie gyvena kaune.>>> I live in Lithuania. In town that is called Kaunas. Kaunas is second city in Lithuania. Kaunas is almost exactly in the center of Lithuania. It is highlighted by the valleys of the Nemunas and the Neris - two longest rivers in Lithuania..... (APIMTIS 3PSL)
rašinys, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 123, 7/10/2006, Mokamas
Anglu kalbos gramatika
Viskas ką reikia žinoti. Anglų kalbos gramatika. Daiktavardis, veiksmažodis, būdvardis, ir t.t. Anglų taisyklės, vienaskaita, daugiskaita, laikas, lentelės.
11 psl.
konspektas, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 7, 18/11/2012, Mokamas
Animal rights
Animal rights - it means recognizing that animals are not the property of our needs - food, clothing, or experiments in entertainment. That does not mean any animal privileges, which means equality. The main idea of the text is that testing drugs on animals is negative thing, but also it is help to rescue lots of people from different diseases. Harmful thing can help our life. But I believe that testing drugs on animals is unethical and should be outlawed. (APIMTIS 270 ZD)
rašinys, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 21, 1/02/2009, Mokamas
Animal testing
The first reason for supporting animal testing is that many products must be tested on animals to ensure hat they are safe to use by humans. For example, diabetics would not be able to inject insulin to control their diabetes, had it not been developed by testing it on animals..... (APIMTIS 224 ZD)
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 392, 2/04/2004, Mokamas
Animals in captivity (Gyvūnai nelaisvėje)
Animals in captivity, especially in zoos, are an important part of today's society and it plays a large role in many people's lives. The subject of keeping an animal is very controversial. It's benefits are numerous and yet much can be said against it.... (APIMTIS 350 ZD)
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 1257, 2/04/2004, Mokamas
Anti -corruption
The corruption problem is one of the worst problems in the world. People often offer money in exchange for something they want. But the problem of corruption often brings joy foe some people and no joy for others. (Apimtis 277žd.)
1 psl.
rašinys, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 0, 18/11/2012, Mokamas
Aprašymas apie Lietuvą angliškai
Some facts, borders, Lithuania’s area, longest distances, population, density, Major towns, population, fields and meadows, forests and bushes, swamps, Inland waters, other land, relief, highest hill, largest river, largest lake, the climate ir t.t. Lithuania lies on the road between East Europe and West Europe, as the straightest road from Germany to Russia crosses Lithuania. (APIMTIS 1PSL)
topic, Anglų kalba, 10.00 (1), 1005, 13/03/2005, Nemokama
Are you in favour or against capital punishment
In today’s rapidly changing world we are faced with issue about punishment. One of them is Capital punishment. This punishment is when the state terminates the life of an individual who has been found guilty of breaking a law. A lot of people can not decide whether they are in favor of capital punishment or totally against it. In my view, capital punishment should be abolished for a number of reasons. (APIMTIS 225 ZD)
rašinys, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 2, 10/05/2009, Mokamas
Argumentative - Expressing Opinion
Compositions expressing opinions are formal in style. This type of topic asks for your own opinion, witch should be clearly stated and supported by reasons, it consist of: a) An introduction in witch your opinion clearly stated. b. A main body witch consists of two or more paragraphs. (APIMTIS 1 PSL)
topic, Anglų kalba, 9.00 (1), 388, 6/04/2004, Nemokama
Argumentative compositions
A good argumentative essay (for/against) should consist of: An introduction in witch you state the topic. A main body witch consists of two paragraphs. (APIMTIS 1PSL)
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 335, 6/04/2004, Nemokama
Art Education in High Schools
Today education has become a token of an advanced, healthy and competent society. In fact, modern education more than ever before is aiming to provide experiences that will be useful in life (Smith 153). In the process of deciding which activities are effective and should be included in the high school curriculum, a clash between opinions often arises. People especially disagree on the question of the necessity for art education...... (APIMTIS 8PSL)
rašinys, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 1105, 27/07/2004, Mokamas
There is quite many English-speaking countries in the whole world like Great Britain, USA, Australia, Jamaica, India. But the most attractive for me looks Australia. And if I had an opportunity, I surely visited it. I don’t think that I would feel culture shock during the stay in Australia..... (APIMTIS 440 ZD)
topic, Anglų kalba, 10.00 (2), 699, 29/03/2004, Mokamas
Avril Lavigne biography
Rock & roll wild child Avril Lavigne hit big in summer 2002 with her spiky-fun debut song "Complicated," shifting pop music into a different direction. Lavigne, who was 17 at the time, didn't seem concerned with the glamor of the TRL-dominated pop world and such confidence allowed her star power to soar..... (APIMTIS 2.5PSL)
rašinys, Anglų kalba, 5.50 (2), 31, 2/11/2005, Mokamas
Čia rasite išsamią informaciją anglų kalba apie Čekijos padėtį Europoje: politiką, istoriją, šalį, jos gyventojus, turizmą. Yra žemėlapis, vėliava ir antspaudas. (APIMTIS 15 PSL)
referatas, Anglų kalba, 10.00 (1), 134, 8/11/2006, Nemokama
Birthday party
My 18 th birthday party last week was a really memorable occasion. My family had just ordered a hall near the river. There were about twenty people.... (APIMTIS 225 ZD)
topic, Anglų kalba, 3.80 (5), 843, 30/03/2004, Mokamas
Books in my life
A book is one of the greatest wonders of world. Why are so many people fond of reading? The world of books is full of wonders. Together with the characters of books you can find yourself in different and countries, have a lot of adventures.... (APIMTIS 290 ZD)
topic, Anglų kalba, 8.00 (2), 1149, 29/03/2004, Mokamas
Business and Economic Profits, Rents
The IRS defines profits as total revenue minus total allowable costs. In general only costs that have an objective basis are allowed (though a few other items like allowable depreciation of assets can also be counted in the costs). (APIMTIS 1.5 PSL)
topic, Anglų kalba, 9.00 (2), 860, 25/04/2004, Mokamas
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