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Cinema and cinema stars
All cinema films are made of moving pictures or paintings. First there was made tiny, black and white films without sound. Then there was made films with sound. Films with colours were made after Second World War. Nowadays different films have different special effects. The capital of cinema is Hollywood. Many films are made there. The best films are shown in cinemas and others are not. In Lithuania usually we are looking USA films. But films are made not only in those countries. Some of them are made in Lithuania or in other countries like France or England. (APIMTIS 331 ZD)
topic, Anglų kalba, 4.00 (1), 1059, 8/11/2004, Mokamas
Classification of english idioms
Introduction. The concept of idiom. The term ‘idiom’. Characteristic features of idioms. The usage of idioms. Differences between free-word groups and idioms. Classification of idioms. Classification principles of phraseological units according to v. V. Vinogradov. Formation of phraseological units by a. V. Koonin. The functioning of idioms in belles-lettres texts conclusions. Summary in lithuanian. List of literature. References.
12 psl.
kursinis, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 12, 4/09/2009, Mokamas
Clean up the World
Olden time's people lived in accord with the nature. Later, when the humanity have created powerful machines, various chemical materials, learned to govern the nuclear energy, their appeared lots of ecological problems. (APIMTIS 3 PSL)
topic, Anglų kalba, 5.50 (2), 895, 30/03/2004, Mokamas
Climate change
My topic is climate change. First of all I would like to discuss about the given survey results. Respondents were given the question do people’s activities influence climate change? I am really satisfied with the results, because only 2 % of respondents think that peoples activities make no changes to climate. They are really wrong.
1 psl.
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 21, 24/05/2010, Mokamas
Clothes take special place on humans’ image. I agree with the statement that we can recognize human main character by what he wears. We pay attention to the outfit color and pattern. More expressive colors, like red, orange and splashier outfit would be, more human character is effective. Tinka "indvidual talk'ui" apie rubus. (APIMTIS 290 ZD)
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 18, 21/01/2008, Mokamas
Communication is very important in our lives and it appeared in many years ago. Without it we wouldn't be able to communicate with each other and we would be lonely. There are many types of communication such as languages, symbols, messages, sign language, mobile phones etc. There are many languages in our world. It is the easiest and oldest type of communication. Some of them are small - they have from 1 to 100000 speakers, others are very big - they have from 100000 to more then 100 million speakers. Those which are small disappear very fast. That is because of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods or hurricanes destroy small groups of people who live in far away places. (APIMTIS 330 ZD)
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 1427, 8/11/2004, Mokamas
Complain letter about a trip who have made with Blake Tours
Nusiskundimo laiškas. Skundžiatės kelionių agentūrai , jog nepatenkinti buvusia kelione . Ir jog skelbimas neatitiko tam tikru faktu, tai ir mastais blogas , gyvenamoji vieta ir t.t. I am writing to complain about the tour round England, Scotland and Wales. I have chosen your company Blake Tours as best for this type of journey. The advertisement looked very attractive but I have just returned from a tour and I should say that this journey was very disappointing.... (APIMTIS 203 ZD)
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 27, 25/02/2008, Mokamas
Complain letter about order made in order catalogue
Nusiskundimo laiškas. Jus užsisakę palapine, tačiau užsakyta preke neatitiko skelbimo ir jus skundžiatės, bei prašote pinigu gražinimo. I regret that I am obliged to complain about the order I have made in your mail order catalogue. My ordered tent was completely different from tent which I wanted. I am very disappointed with your company... (APIMTIS 190 ZD)
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 11, 25/02/2008, Mokamas
Computer Security
About two hundred years before, the word "computer" started to appear in the dictionary. Some people even didn't know what is a computer. However, most of the people today not just knowing what is a computer, but understand how to use a computer. (APIMTIS 3 PSL)
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 909, 30/03/2004, Mokamas
Now the computer is very important invention for us. The first electronic computer was invented in 1950. The first computer was very big and not very clever. Now the computer is very small and modern. We can carry modern computer in the little bag.....(APIMTIS 1PSL)
topic, Anglų kalba, 7.36 (11), 2127, 2/04/2004, Mokamas
Computers In Business
In the business world today, computers and the software applications that run on them basically control a well organized business. Every major company is equipped with a computer, or network that connects through different branches throughout the firm. (APIMTIS 2PSL)
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 1254, 30/03/2004, Mokamas
Cooperative learning
The concept of cooperative learning is alien to all of those who were taught the traditional way, but it offers children of modern society the adventure of finding their own answers. The idea that students are empty containers which the teacher fills with knowledge doesn’t work in today’s changing world.... (APIMTIS 310 ZD)
topic, Anglų kalba, 1.00 (1), 306, 29/03/2004, Mokamas
Cooperative learning
Cooperative Learning is one of the best of all teaching strategys. The results show that students who have opportunities to work collaboratively, learn faster and more efficiently, have greater retention, and feel more positive about the learning experience. (APIMTIS 200 ZD)
rašinys, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 1, 22/04/2009, Mokamas
Cottages in Lithuania
At some point in their lives most people have daydreamed about joys of spending their holiday in a nice cottage. Due to this, more and more cottages are restored or built in our country. I feel very strongly that it is an extremely good way to spend our holiday even if you are fed up with living in a big, noisy town. (APIMTIS 370 ZD)
topic, Anglų kalba, 5.00 (1), 572, 2/04/2004, Mokamas
Prevention is the key to success. Not giving criminals the opportunity is the first step. Make your homes burglar-proof (neprieinami isilaužėliams) by always locking up, installing an alarm system and putting identification numbers on valuable things. The more unattractive you make your home to burglars the less likely it is that a crime will take place. (APIMTIS 319 ZD)
topic, Anglų kalba, 9.00 (1), 1626, 29/03/2004, Mokamas
Crime has been a growing problem all over the world in the last 30 years. Crimes involving stealing are the most popular, such as burglaries, shopliftings, pick pocketing. Drugs are the worst people and their brain destroyer. When they use drugs they cannot manage his actions and do a lot of crimes for money, because they need dosage for another time. And these processes continue very long.......(APIMTIS 255 ZD)
topic, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 28, 25/02/2007, Mokamas
Nowadays our life isn't safe. It seems that neither police, nor government can guarantee public safety. Statistics show that violent crimes at present have increased. So no one can live in peace and feel safe even in his own home. This situation in Lithuania is getting hopeless. The fact shows that there isn’t a day in a week without murders, robberies or burglaries. Radio, television and other mass media present news that cars are often stolen by criminals or thieves in Lithuania.
1 psl.
rašinys, Anglų kalba, 0.00 (0), 10, 16/04/2009, Mokamas
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